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Embarking on a quest to engineer high-quality web apps for the mortgage industry is both inspiring and challenging. We’re tackling challenges unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced.


We’ve got a huge mission, an incredible team and amazing growth. But it’s not just about Sympology's growth, it’s about yours.


Our stakeholders are our closest partners. We work together from defining processes and requirements to development and testing, so that our company’s service delivery and products go way beyond ordinary, exceeding expectations every time.


We want our products to provide flexibility, excellent performance, and efficiency. Therefore, our integration team ensures optimal data transfer between our banking customers, on high performance and high availability basis.


We’re a smart, passionate group dedicated to state-of-the-art software. We use modern tools and technologies such as .NET Framework, ASP.NET Core, AWS, GitHub, and heavy use of clean, well-structured, reusable code.


Not only do we code like there is no tomorrow, but we also have special teams dedicated to creating tooling that streamlines all our processes from development and testing to integration, packaging, and deployment.

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You may not know our name, but we are the technology that powers up the leaders of the mortgage industry in Australia and New Zealand.

We’re uniting the best software engineers, technology architects, data scientists, aggregators and lenders to create seamless experiences for brokers and borrowers.


Loanapp is the dynamically configurable loan application tool that connects brokers and lenders in real-time.

We made sure everything brokers need is at their fingertips, presented to them in an aesthetically and intuitively designed user interface: the exact data set they need, version-controlled print forms, the right supporting documents, complete checklists directly from their lender, accurate serviceability calculators, external data sources for auto-population and much more.

Applications Management

Brokers can create and edit applications, as well as supervise their team’s activity, manage loan writers and owners, thus controlling who can submit or create apps.

Print Forms

Based on Lender requirements for that loan, Print Forms are always the right version. They are auto-populated with the already collected data and can be easily edited and shared.

Data Collection

Loanapp provides an intuitive, smart and clean application form that guides you naturally through data completion, matching the lender’s actual requirements.

Supporting Documents

With full upload capability, easy editing and sharing, Loanapp help to submit approval-ready apps, matching the dynamically generated checklists based on lender rules.

Serviceability Calculators

This is the serviceability brokers can trust from within their platform, based on lender-set metrics controlled and calculated from the already-entered data in the app.


This is the serviceability brokers can trust from within their platform, based on lender-set metrics controlled and calculated from the already-entered data in the app.

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The Lender’s source of truth

Compose allows Lenders to implement their requirements directly into Loanapp, and to make changes into brokers tool as their internal requirements change. With Compose and Loanapp, Lenders can be 100% confident that the submission created are complete, correct, and ready for approval.

High-quality applications and less rework

Compose enables Lenders to deliver their internal data set requirements effortlessly to external distribution channels, constantly updating them in step with changing requirements, giving Lenders absolute confidence that distributors are doing precisely what they need to the point of sale to deliver ready-to-process loan applications.

Fast, accurate, cost-effective change management

A self-service environment allows Lenders to experience the changed requirement as distributors do, allowing for rapid verification and validation. We have no release cycles, and Lenders can publish and deploy at any time – exactly when distributors are to be armed with the new requirements.

Configure once, distribute to many

With Compose’s smart subscriber system, Lenders no longer need to manage the ongoing communication of their requirements to different types of distribution channels, in different ways. Compose allows Lenders to set up subscriber rights, once, from the outset, to ensure the automated communication of relevant information to each distribution channel.

Cater for your distinctive characteristics

Compose has been designed to be highly configurable and effectively caters for the requirements of the many recognised layers of the third-party distribution channel. The functionality can be seamlessly employed by different types of lenders, aggregators, distributors; and across many different credit streams.

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We are a diverse team of hungry individuals focused on the quality of our work. We value flexibility and autonomy and encourage our team to make independent decisions. Everyone’s voice is valued here.

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